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SAHOURI at the 2018 WMCCAI Expo: Tech, Live Show, Porsche!

March 16, 2018

Washington DC - The Washington D.C. Metro Area Chapter of the Community Associations Institute held its annual Conference and Expo this weekend, where property managers, association members, homeowners and vendors convened at the Walter E. Convention Center.

We partner with CAI every year to promote our Condo and HOA Insurance program (CUSP) and engage in thought leadership. While our booth did the promoting, our Vice President participated in a panel discussion about emergency planning for community associations. 

The Community Associations Institute (CAI)

CAI was formed as a joint effort between local associations, government agencies and non-profit organizations to inform, educate and provide resources for community associations.

2018 WMCCAI Expo: Welcome to Now!

On its 40th Anniversary, the WMCCAI Expo sold out once again with over 2,100 attendees. This year's theme was Welcome to Now; an effort to shed light on the rise of modern technology in property management.



Adhering to the NOW, we unveiled the first smart insurance solution for Condos and HOAs, which combines the best of smart building technology and personalized insurance solutions. 

The Annual DC Expo is the largest CAI event in the world.

Sarah Elise Gerstein, CMCA, AMS, LSM, PCAM
President, WMCCAI Board 

Smart Building Technology for Condominiums

SAHOURI. and Senseware have formed a strategic partnership bridging the gap between insurance and smart technology. Together, we are helping customers obtain a smarter risk management solution that improves their bottom line. Business owners are now better equipped to prevent critical losses and business disruption. 

Senseware helps property managers and condo associations by:

  • Implementing utility sub-metering
  • Automating individual unit calculations 
  • Providing live air quality monitoring
  • Receive pre-negotiated discounts on premium and Senseware technology
  • Preventing catastrophic water damage with mobile control system
  • Pro-actively reducing claims with real-time insight into building data

Live Screening of the Allen and Lauri Show

Allen and Lauri is a risk management web series featuring Allen Hudson, CIC, CRM and Lauri Ryder, CIC, CRM, CMCA. The show addresses trending risk management topics facing community associations nationwide. 

Every year, the crew sets up shop at the Expo to provide insight from the management and association community. 

This year's Expo episode featured top CAI Brass in discussing their journeys,  what drew them to CAI, and how the Expo impacts the community.


Thought Leadership in Risk Management

In addition to being a Certified Risk Manager, Allen Hudson is one of the youngest Certified Insurance Counselors in the country. He is also an active teacher and faculty member of the National Alliance of Insurance Education & Research (NAIER).

From writing articles for Quorum Magazine to moderating panel discussions on the Future of FloodAllen is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to promote the importance of pro-active risk management.

Earth, Wind and Fire Panel

At the Expo, Allen participated on a panel that discussed how to effectively manage emergency situations in communities. Here are a few of his tips on what to do before a loss to ensure you are properly covered:

  • Be aware of your insurance limits
  • Request a summary of insurance before the loss
  • Mark the coverages you are not sure about and seek consultation
  • Take pictures of unique property before sustaining damage
  • Make sure your bylaws match your coverages
  • Promote the importance of an HO6 policy!

See You at the Next CAI Event!

With the Expo now in the rear view, we look forward to seeing you at the next CAI event! Find us at the following 2018 events:



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