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About Us

What We Do 

We guide our Guests through a technology-driven, consulting-based experience that integrates Corporate Risk, Health, and Benefits policies through one, centralized Advocacy Team.


What We Do

Our Consulting Philosophy

Our philosophy guides our approach, process, and mindset through every step of your experience.


Our Consulting Approach

Based on our organizational dimensions, our consulting approach ensures our people, process, and products meet the evolving needs of the niche industries we serve.

Our Consulting Approach


We integrate Employee Benefits, Corporate and Personal Risk to streamline consulting services under one Advocacy team.

Our Consulting Approach


We deliver IoT security, business intelligence, and analytics to help clients make the best decisions with the right data, at the right time.

Our Consulting Approach

Risk Mitigation

We advocate for business continuity & resilience by limiting risk, interruptions & lost income through data-driven loss control.

Holistic Insurance Integration

What is Integration?

A holistic, corporate consulting approach that integrates Corporate Benefits, Corporate Risk, and Personal Risk policies for organizations and their executives.

Why do we Integrate?

To structure fragmented insurance policies and provide businesses with a holistic solution that creates organizational efficiencies and delivers peace of mind.

Is Integration for you?

If your Corporate Health and Risk policies are with different carriers/brokers, and you would like more convenience and peace of mind, integration is for you.

With You at Every Turn

Building Continuity & Resilience

State of the Insurance Market

Disruption caused by mergers and acquisitions is leaving Middle Market organizations in flux, creating dangerous exposures and liabilities for their operations and executives that threat continuity.

Advanced Problem-Solving

We deliver holistic, sustainable solutions by combining the scientific approach and technological capabilities of larger companies, with the focus and intimacy of a small business.

Evolving Landscape of Risk

From cyber threats to global pandemics, natural disasters, and waves of workplace misconduct, we're with you at every turn in the global landscape of constantly evolving risk.

Integration as a Solution

Consolidating policies is a holistic approach to assessing, transfering, and managing risk, which helps our clients plan against the environmental, social, and cyber threats they face.

Mitigating Risk and Avoiding Losses

Our highly specialized insurance Advocates utilize smart business analytics and intelligence tools to help organizations avoid interruptions and maintain resilience.

Loss Control Technology

From home and auto safety monitors to commercial-grade smart building sensors, we utilize best-in-class risk mitigation technology to reduce catastrophic losses and promote peace of mind.

Pro-Active Consulting.

Our consulting process includes integrated operational & organizational assessments providing complete risk insights into overlapping corporate and personal exposures, both apparent and potential.

Our Consulting Process

Our consulting process is based on structured, operational and organizational risk assessments that provide actionable insights for optimal decision-making.

Introduction and Analysis of Alignment.
Operational & Organizational Risk Assessments.
Presenting Rates and Formal Action Plan.
Activating Coverage, Initiating Guest Services.