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Sahouri Industries

Commercial Real Estate (CRE)



Commercial Real Estate Insurance


The commercial real estate industry is facing transformational shifts in how buildings are used, valued, and transacted as well as demanding lending requirements and the need to evaluate alternative risk financing solutions to keep insurance costs in line without sacrificing coverage. The Sahouri Real Estate insurance specialists provide a consultative approach to helping you protect your portfolio of properties in a changing environment.

From vacant land to vacant properties, buildings under construction, rehabs, flips, and occupied buildings, we offer solutions during every phase to get your real estate covered with minimal effort and maximum protection. We can simplify your coverage needs with one master policy. We’ll make sure that there are no gaps in your insurance coverage. Additionally, any required policy changes will be implemented immediately when buying or selling investment properties to ensure your real estate portfolio is fully protected.

 Coverage is customizable, with various options available, including self-insured retention amounts and high deductibles. We will also perform a Property Valuation Review to ensure you’re not over or underinsuring your properties.


Solutions for Property Managers

Our long-standing relationships with specialized real estate insurers, combined with our experience and application of cutting-edge technological innovations, distinguish us in the industry and enable us to deliver bespoke solutions, including alternative risk strategies, to meet your fiduciary obligations to clients.

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Solutions for Community Associations


We also serve as an extension of property management firms by extending our expertise and experience to procure comprehensive insurance and loss control programs for your managed community associations and commercial properties.


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Capabilities for
Commercial Real Estate


  • National Footprint, Licensed in all 50 States 
  • Corporate Insurance for CREs (office, retail, warehouse, shopping centers, malls, industrial)
  • Access to Specialty Markets
  • Customizable Coverage
  • Risk Management Tech & IoT Devices
  • VIP Personal Insurance Services
  • Award-winning Service, Culture, and Performance Standards

Specialized Services for
Commercial Real Estate

Local Insurance Advocates
Long-standing Relationships with Insurers
Specializing in CRE
OCIP, CCIP Management and
Development Builder's Risk for Property
Under Contstruction
Risk Financing Advisory Services
(SIRs and High-Deductible Plans)
Property Valuation Review
Loss Control Services
Claims Administration & Management
Streamlined Renewal Process
Risk Management IoT and Technology Devices

Specialized Coverage for
Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Rental Properties
(General Liability, Excess Liability)
Lessor's Risk (General Liability)
Builder's Risk (Commercial Property and
General Liability for buildings under construction or renovation)
Vacant Land Liability
Vacant Property
(General Liability and Property)
Coverage for Loss of Rents
Coverage for Equipment Breakdown
Ordinance or Law Coverage
Flood and Excess Flood
Full-Value Earthquake
Wind Deductibles for
Coastal Properties
Workers' Compensation

50+ Years of Strong Carrier Partnerships

What our Guests
are Saying

Since 1970, we have treated our clients as Guests worthy of the highest levels of attention and care. Our client centric consulting approach and organizational processes are carefully designed to help us understand and address their unique needs so we can Advocate on their behalf.

Integrate Your Personal Risk

We extend personal services to executives in commercial real estate management to eliminate overlapping exposures between their personal and corporate policies while saving time and money in the process. 

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