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Sahouri Industries

Health & Risk Consulting 
For Global Entities


Integrated Health and Risk Solutions for Global Enterprises



Sahouri Insurance brings a unique value proposition in providing entities conducting business in the Gulf Region with international health and risk services.

Our integrated, holistic consulting approach combined with a deep cultural understanding of the region supported by a diverse staff, advanced technology, operational efficiencies, strong communication, and clear expectations enable us to make sure your organization and people are well protected from risk.

We invite you take a look at who we are, what we offer, our approach, and how we advocate for you as your trusted partner in assessing risk, placing insurance coverage, mitigating risk, managing claims, and controlling costs all through an international lens.


At Sahouri Insurance, we specialize in providing targeted health and risk management solutions for a wide array of international clients. By collaborating directly with company leaders and executives in finance, HR, and administration, we're committed to creating customized insurance policies and strategic risk management plans.

Our approach is designed to navigate the complexities of international compliance and operational challenges, ensuring each client receives comprehensive coverage and unparalleled support tailored to their unique global footprint and specific industry requirements. This commitment allows our clients to confidently manage their international operations, knowing their people and projects are protected against the diverse risks present in the global business landscape.

Capabilities for
International Enterprises


  • Licensed in all 50 States & Around the World
  • Highly Trained and Designated Corporate Risk, Health, & Wealth Insurance Advocates
  • Integrated, Peer-Level Human Resources, Benefits, and Business Insurance Consulting
  • Cutting-edge HR, Risk, Compliance, and other Business Technology Solutions
  • Access to Global, National, & Regional Insurance Markets
  • Personal VIP Insurance Services
  • Award-winning Service, Culture, and Performance Standard

Who We Serve: Trusted By Our Clients

We collaborate with owners, the C-Suite, and Financial/HR/Administration executives at each of the following international entities
to manage risk and protect the health of the organization and its people.

Real Estate

Private Airlines

Nationally-Owned Airlines
Trade Associations

National & Global Reach

Through our domestic and international partnerships, we provide solutions for businesses based overseas, as well as US-based businesses with overseas operations.

Global Health & Risk Management Solutions

Strategizing for a Safer World

Managing health and risk requires a nuanced understanding of the challenges faced by organizations operating internationally. Our team of global health and risk consultants is dedicated to identifying and mitigating the multifaceted risks associated with cross-border operations. From navigating cyber threats and managing employment-related disputes to ensuring comprehensive coverage for work-related injuries and crafting robust business continuity plans, we provide a tailored approach to safeguard your operations, employees, and assets worldwide. Our goal is to help you transfer, reduce, and eliminate risks through strategic planning, detailed risk assessments, and customized insurance solutions that address the unique needs of your international presence.


Global Liability Coverage

  • Foreign-Owned Locations
  • Foreign-Owned Contracts
  • General Products Liability
  • Global Travel Coverage
  • Professional Liability
  • Excess Liability (Umbrella)
  • Kidnap, Extortion & Ransom
  • Marine Cargo, Equipment Breakdown
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Financial & Management Lines

  • Cyber Liability
  • Directors & Officers (D&O)
  • Employment Practice Liability (EPL)
  • Fiduciary Liability
  • Errors & Omissions (E&O)
  • Business Interruption
  • Crime

Global Personnel Protection

  • Defense Base Act (DBA)
  • Maritime & Foreign Voluntary Workers' Compensation
  • Medical, Political, & Security Evacuation

Property & Auto

  • Lost Business Income Coverage
  • Owned or Hired/Non-owned Auto
  • VIP Personal Property & Auto Insurance


  • Coverage Selection & Renewal
  • Claims Analytics & Management
  • State & Federal Compliance Support
  • Data Center/IT Assessments & Data Breach Services
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Medical or Security Evac
  • Safety Program Audits
  • Loss Control Technology
  • Executive & VIP Services
  • Software for Ergonomic Learning & Assessment (SEla)
  • Compliance Support & Regulatory Guidance
  • Additional Professional Services

Corporate Health & Benefits

Recruit, Retain, & Reward Top Talent

We understand how critical top talent is to your organization – both in attracting and retaining highly skilled employees. The last few years have been a bit of a roller coaster in hiring. To help companies recruit talent, we offer a portfolio of Employee Benefits products and services.


  • Medical
  • Vision & Dental
  • Pharmacy Plans
  • Savings & Spending Accounts (HRA, HSA, FSA)
  • Voluntary & Executive Benefits
  • Keyperson Policies
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Short & Long-Term Disability
  • Individual & Group Life Insurance
  • Supplemental Health Insurance Plans
  • Behavioral, Health, & Wellness Programs
  • Retirement Plans 401(k), 403(b), 457, SEP, SARSEP, etc.


  • Custom Plan Design
  • HR Consulting & Benefits Administration
  • Payroll, Talent Acquisition, Performance
  • Virtual Care or Telehealth Services
  • Cost Analysis and Containment
  • Claims Analysis and Management
  • Insights from Industry Benchmarks
  • Employee Communication, Training & Education
  • Retirement Planning Management
  • Executive & VIP Services
  • Additional Professional Servcies

We also offer onboarding consulting, ACA compliance, and COBRA administration, among other important services needed in today's business environment.

What We Deliver

Improved Loss Control for Peace of Mind

Our integrated corporate risk and health consulting services and programs are designed to improve loss control and cost mitigation and enhance our clients’ peace of mind.

Loss Control

In managing a client’s portfolio of policies, we can accurately assess and address critical risks with a broad spectrum of strategies and tools.

Our loss control services include compliance consulting, cyber exposure assessment, safety training programs, disaster recovery and planning, and IoT risk assessment and management.

Cost Mitigation

The management and integration of a client’s portfolio of policies through one dedicated team enables us to close coverage gaps, seek alternative solutions for better risk protection, and avoid out-of-pocket costs due to uncovered claims.

We are not simply selling policies but bringing value based on our clients’ needs.

Peace of Mind

Data utilization, business analytics, and intelligence, along with innovative tools, enable us to effectively assess and manage risk.

These capabilities ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, helping to avoid fines and penalties, benchmark for competitiveness and cost mitigation, and enhance the client experience through education and self-service options.


Make smarter business decisions, in less time.

Delivering confidence and peace of mind for our clients by utilizing business intelligence and analytics tools to inspire the right decisions at the right time thanks to a unique integration of data, technology, and human competencies. 

International Health & Risk Consulting FAQs

How can businesses ensure compliance with varying international health regulations?

Businesses can ensure compliance by conducting thorough research on the health regulations in each country they operate in, regularly updating their policies to reflect changes in those laws, and engaging with local legal experts or consultants. Regular training for employees on these regulations is also crucial..

What are effective strategies for managing health risks for a globally distributed workforce?

Effective strategies include conducting risk assessments tailored to different regions, implementing global health surveillance programs, offering health insurance that covers international healthcare services, and providing access to telemedicine. It's also important to develop clear protocols for emergency medical situations abroad.

How do cultural differences impact international health and risk management programs?

Cultural differences can significantly impact the effectiveness of health and risk management programs. Programs must be adaptable to respect local customs, communication styles, and health care practices. Understanding and integrating cultural nuances into these programs can enhance compliance and employee engagement.

What role does technology play in enhancing international health and risk management?

Technology plays a pivotal role by providing platforms for data analysis, risk assessment tools, digital health records, and telehealth services that can support global workforces. It also facilitates real-time communication and access to health resources, making it easier to manage health risks across different countries.

What considerations should be taken into account when selecting insurance coverage for international operations?

When selecting insurance coverage, consider the specific risks associated with the regions of operation, including political risk, compliance with local and international laws, and the health care needs of the workforce. It's also important to ensure the insurance provider has a strong global network and can offer support and services in the countries where you operate.

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We extend personal services to executives in government contracting to eliminate overlapping exposures between their personal and corporate policies while saving time and money in the process. 

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