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Community Underwriters Specialty Program

Condo and HOA Association Insurance.

Since 2011, CUSP has saved policy holders 27% on average from expiring premiums while greatly improving coverage.

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Condo Association and HOA Insurance.

An Exclusive Program by SAHOURI Insurance & Financial

CUSP (Community Underwriters Specialty Program) is a manuscript and proprietary insurance program that includes the industry’s most favorable insurance conditions while rewarding its policy holders with savings for low loss ratios.




Underwriting Flexibility.

CUSP is a proprietary insurance program that allows us to reward policy holders with low loss ratios. We underwrite and price policies in-house, which allows us more flexibility and quicker turnaround for those last-minute needs. Since we underwrite ourselves, we can be flexible in loss run reviews and won’t simply decline a risk because they had one major loss 3 years ago.

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Simplified Quote Process.

Here at SAHOURI we leverage technology to make insurance simple. We have invested heavily in the technology necessary to simplify the process for you, so you don’t have to spend hours filling out applications and pulling building info from various sources. We can provide indications of premium using our technology and the expiring certificate of insurance!

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Personal & Local Representation.

Here at SAHOURI we have a ‘boutique’ model as opposed to a ‘service center’ model. The same person that provides you a quote is the same person that helps you with your renewal, billing questions, changes, etc. There are no 1-800 numbers and if you want to speak to your insurance professional in person or have them attend a board meeting, they will be there for you on the spot.

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Full Earthquake Coverage.

Most carriers limit earthquake coverage to $1,000,000, but that doesn’t help when a quake causes structural damage to your 200+ unit condo! We can provide earthquake coverage for the FULL building value. Not all carrier property forms are created equal! That is why we automatically offer a lot, and then provide options to pair down the bigger items. Many of our competitors offer very little and then provide (additional) options to increase coverage.

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Guaranteed & Extended Replacement Cost.

CUSP can provide the peace of mind by including a Guaranteed Replacement Cost or Extended Replacement Cost endorsement for eligible properties. This removes any worry regarding the adequacy of the reported building value based on it’s age when they start to adjust the claim. We also check buildings values every year for adequacy and adjust if required.

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Flexible Coverage.

Our program is extremely flexible. We can customize our Ordinance or Law, Sewer & Drain Backup, Earthquake, Flood, and Crime coverages. Deductibles from $100 to $100,000 are available. CUSP offers stated ( vs sublimited ) coverage for outdoor property ( fences, signs, lights, gazebos, playgrounds—even tennis courts & pools!)

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One Agency. Every Solution.

Commercial Real Estate Insurance

The management, development, and construction of your commercial real estate projects require a hands-on risk management partner committed to doing more than just sell you insurance policies.

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One Agency. Every Solution.

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