Condominium and HOA Insurance.

An Exclusive Program by SAHOURI Insurance & Financial

CUSP (Community Underwriters Specialty Program) is a manuscript and proprietary insurance form that includes the industry’s most favorable insurance conditions while rewarding its policy holders with savings for low loss ratios.


Since 2011, CUSP has saved policy holders 27% on average from expiring premiums while greatly improving coverage.”

Allen Hudson, VP of Commercial Insurance


5 Reasons to talk to us about CUSP.



Property Conditions.

Marshall & Swift building valuations are used to evaluate your property and make sure you are fully insured. As a result, we offer Guaranteed Replacement Cost, full ordinance or law coverage and no hidden deductibles or coverage limitations.


Directors & Officers.

CUSP has the best D&O and Property Manager Conditions, extending coverage to past & present, elected & appointed board members as well as volunteers and property managers. Our form covers monetary & non-monetary damages. defines property managers as employees under crime coverage.


Flexible Coverage.

Our program is extremely flexible. We can customize our Ordinance or Law, Sewer & Drain Backup, Earthquake, Flood, and Crime coverages. Deductibles from $100 to $100,000 are available. CUSP offers stated ( vs sublimited ) coverage for outdoor property ( fences, signs, lights, gazebos, playgrounds—even tennis courts & pools!)


Full Earthquake Coverage.

Most other carriers limit coverage to a $1,000,000 for earthquakes, but how can $1,000,000 of coverage help when an earthquake causes $10,000,000 in property damage? Our policy covers the full replacement cost no matter if it’s $1,000,000 or ten times that.


Coverage Enhancements.

We offer state of the art services and coverage enhancements such as Marshall & Swift building valuation reports with every free quote, one hour certificate request turn around time, green building coverage upgrades, and our broad form ‘general enhancements endorsement’.

The process of working with SAHOURI has been a great experience. Several of my company’s clients have also had their coverage expanded and their premiums lowered because of SAHOURI’s great customer service.”

Adam Landsman, Abaris Really, Inc.

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