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Partnering with Senseware Technologies to Save you Money.

SAHOURI. and Senseware have strategically partnered to bridge the gaps between the insurance world and smart technologies.  Together we are helping customers obtain a smarter risk management solution that improves their bottom line by helping business owners prevent critical losses from disrupting their business.

Proactively reduce claims by getting instant notifications as the risk begins to rise.

Pre-negotiated premium discounts with our insurance programs where senseware is installed.

Our insureds receive pre-negotiated discounts on all Senseware smart technology.

Smart Building Solutions 

Senseware is a full-stack IoT solution of hardware, software, and cloud data. An out-of-the-box, wireless plug & play smart building solution that offers you a simple way to integrate, monitor, and control building systems in real-time.

  • Risk Avoidance Package: Monitor your critical assets with Senseware’s real-time alerts, and prevent catastrophic events.
  • Retrofit Package: Retrofit your building with wireless controls as a lightweight BAS or connect to your existing BAS and see your building and your consolidated portfolio.
  • Predictive Maintenance Package: Ensure building systems are operating optimally before equipment malfunctions.
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Package: Monitor and optimize environmental conditions with temperature, relative humidity, CO2, VOC, and Particulate Matter data.
  • Energy & Water Conservation Package: Reduce energy and water usage by identifying what equipment can be optimized.
  • Facility Management Package: Stay connected to facilities, and active data driven facility management. Eliminate time leaks and focus on high-level decisions.
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The best wireless plug & play solution

Transform the way you manage your facility with Senseware & SAHOURI

  • Fast & Easy: Our hardware is rapidly deployable with drop shipments and a simple setup process
  • Scalable: Our system collects multiple types of data and grows with you as you add systems and buildings.
  • Actionable Interface: Optimize Our Dashboard and Apps empower you to make educated day-to-day decisions.
  • Customer Support: Our support team is quick to respond and here to help with any issues that may arise
  • Inclusive: We have an open API network for software analytic partner integrations

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Our advisers have exclusive access to preventative technology that helps predict, detect, and prevent major losses from harming your business. Talk to one of our experts today!

Other industries benefiting from the
Sahouri-Senseware Partnership

  • Condominium & Apartments
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Data Server Centers
  • Construction Companies
  • Food Services and Hospitality
  • Golf Courses and Country Clubs
  • Resorts and Hotels
  • Manufacturing Companies

Condo Submetering System. 

Senseware Helps Property Managers and Condo Association Representatives Optimize their Fees and Services.

Reduce Condo Fees: Through Fair Share utility calculations and billing.

Introduce Fair Share Utility Billing: Save 10-15% in utility bills through real-time submetering.

Keep Owners Happy: Show owners that you follow owner friendly utility billing practices.

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Coverage Overview.

Save Money. Lower Premiums. Avoid Risk.

Introducing the first smart insurance policy ever. Our exclusive partnership with Senseware combines rich coverages with a full-stack IoT solution of hardware, software, and cloud data to provide live insights into your building’s health.

Our advisers have exclusive access to preventative technology that helps predict, detect, and prevent major losses from harming your business. 

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