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Sahouri Insurance: Promoting CUSP at the 2017 CAI Expo

WMCCAI 2017 Conference & EXPO

For its 40th Anniversary, the Washington Metro Chapter of Community Association Institute (WMCCAI) sold out its Annual CAI Expo for a fourth consecutive year. This year saw 200+ exhibiting companies and thousands of attendees.

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CAI was formed as a joint effort of local associations, government agencies and non-profit organizations to inform, educate and provide resources for community associations

Matt Rankin | Executive Director, WMCCAI

Matt Rankin Executive Director of WMCCAI interviews with Allen and Lauri to discuss CUSP and 2017 CAI Expo

 Promoting CUSP

Our team attended the Expo for a third consecutive year to promote CUSP: our proprietary CONDO and HOA insurance program (community association insurance).

The Corvette Giveaway

We partnered with Exotic Car Collection by Enterprise to offer all Expo attendees a chance at winning a free rental of a 2017 Corvette Stingray. 


Allen & Lauri in the Morning at the WMCCAI Expo

Allen Hudson, CIC and Lauri Ryder CIC, CRM, CMCA host a morning show that educates property management companies and community associations on risk management topics specific to Condos and HOA's. 



Allen & Lauri took their set to the Expo and spoke with leading property managers. Here is a brief summary of the interviews: 

Allen and Lauri interview Dave Cicarelli, Vice President, Sentry Management at 2017 CAI ExpoDave Cicarelli | Div. Vice President, Sentry Management

Dave Cicarelli | Div. Vice President, Sentry Management

On Sentry Management's growth 

"We has doubled our number of clients over the last 3 years. Today we have 300 clients just in the DC Metro Area."

How Sentry Management stands out: 
"We hire good, qualified people and support them with a robust infrastructure."

Allen and Lauri interview Mike Feltenberger, Sr. Vice President of Barkan Management at 2017 CAI ExpoMike Feltenberger | Sr. Vice President, Barkan Management

Mike Feltenberger | Sr. Vice President, Barkan Management

Importance of CAI's Washington Chapter
"The benefit of WMMCAI being the national headquarters of CAI is the cutting edge technology in terms of training and thought processes. Most of it originates from here."

Joining Barkan Management
"I was hired to open Barkan's DC office. We started with a computer and a telephone. Six years later, we have 29 clients and 5,500 total units."

Barkan's Unique Value
"We look at things from a board member's perspective. I've been a board president and am currently the treasurer of my board. I know what board members want and teach our managers to deliver our product from that perspective. We are a customer service business."

Allen and Lauri interview Lenard Goldbaum, Sr. Community Manager, Zalco Management at 2017 CAI ExpoLenard Goldbaum | Sr. Community Manager, Zalco Realty

Lenard Goldbaum | Sr. Community Manager, Zalco Realty

CAI Involvement
"Being involved with CAI for the past 19 years, there is a level of pride to having another record-breaking expo."

Zalco's Unique Value
"Our facilities department knows boilers, roofs, asphalt, etc. We inspect properties once a year and provide full reports at no extra charge. Our contracts are catered to the clients' wants and needs."

Talent Acquisition
"Most of our managers have been with us for over five years. We don't hire anyone without management experience."

Allen and Lauri interview Tom Mazzei, President & CEO, Cardinal Management at 2017 CAI ExpoTom Mazzei | President & CEO, Cardinal Management

Tom Mazzei | President & CEO, Cardinal Management

Celebrating 30 Years
"In our 30th year, we are representing over 200 community associations in the DC metro area, West Virginia and Florida."

Factors of Cardinal's Success 
"As a family-owned business, we have a commitment from the owners that runs very deep into the culture of the organization."

Crisis Management
"Every company hits a pothole every once in a while. But when we do, we own our mistakes. Clients have the comfort of knowing that they can reach the owner freely. It's a level of service that frankly, even our biggest competitors can't match."

Allena and Lauri interview Crishana Loritsch, General Manager, Town Square Towers at 2017 CAI Expo
Crishana Loritsch | General Manager, Town Square Towers

Crishana Loritsch | General Manager, Town Square Towers

As WMCCAI's Communication Council Chair
"I am the liaison between three committees that come under the council (Quorum, Outreach, Membership) to the Chapter's board of directors. I have served on all three committees."

Property Management Goals
"My goal as a property manager is to look out for my community. That's my priority. When choosing partner organizations and business partners, my goal is whats best for my association."

Advice for new Board Members 
"Join a committee! They are the arms and legs of the boards of directors. By joining CAI or your local HOA, you'll learn about how to accomplish the association's objectives. Get your hands dirty, your boots on the ground and test the pulse of the community's needs."

If you did not attend here is a complimentary PDF download of the CUSP eBook that we shared with property managers and condo owners.



Hussain Al-Mutawakil
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