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Attracting Top Talent in Property Management

December 27, 2023

Property managers play a pivotal role in the dynamic world of commercial real estate. They're the driving force behind thriving buildings, ensuring smooth operations and happy tenants. But attracting and retaining top talent in this competitive field can be challenging. Beyond offering competitive salary structures, robust employee benefits and insurance plans are highly enticing to top professionals. 

It’s no secret that attracting and retaining top talent is a distinguishing factor among successful enterprises. Given the anticipated 3% annual growth of 29,100 new jobs projected in the commercial property management industry in the 2020s, according to Ipropertymanagent.com, benefit packages are a powerful tool to help you seal the deal with the best and brightest. 

Talent Needs in Property Management

Managing commercial properties requires a wide range of abilities. The toolbox of best-in-class performers includes legal and financial knowledge and superb communication and problem-solving skills.

In addition to navigating a constantly changing regulatory environment, they manage budgets, negotiate leases, oversee maintenance, and handle tenant complaints. Recruiting for these demanding roles, which require exceptional talent, unwavering support, and security, is more daunting than ever.  

Evolving Demands and Challenges

The property management landscape is constantly evolving. New technologies, sustainability initiatives, and changing tenant expectations require property managers to adapt and stay ahead of the curve. 

Attracting individuals eager to learn and grow in this dynamic field is essential. Choosing the right insurance coverage is crucial to the process. 

Competitive Compensation and Benefits

Competitive salary structures: Competitive compensation is fundamental to attracting and retaining top talent. Property management professionals expect fair and competitive salaries that reflect their expertise and job demands.

Comprehensive benefits packages: Employee benefits are equally important. A robust benefits package demonstrates a company's commitment to its employees' well-being and financial security. One crucial aspect of this package is insurance coverage.

Insurance Coverage for Property Management Employees

Health insurance: Health insurance is vital to any comprehensive benefits package. It provides peace of mind to employees, ensuring they have access to quality healthcare when needed. Health insurance can set your property management company apart in a competitive job market.

Workers' compensation: Property management involves physical tasks that can lead to injuries or accidents. Workers' compensation coverage is crucial to protect employees and provide financial support in case of workplace injuries.

Liability coverage: Property managers often deal with legal matters related to property ownership and tenant relationships. Liability coverage helps protect employees and the company from potential legal disputes.

Additional Employee Benefits Considerations

HR-Facing Benefits

  • Benchmarking: Keeping your compensation and benefits competitive with industry standards.
  • Cost control: Identifying cost-saving strategies for your benefits program.
  • Compliance consulting: Ensuring your benefits program complies with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Claims analysis: Analyzing and managing insurance claims effectively.

Staff-Facing Benefits

  • Work-life balance initiatives: Encouraging a healthy work-life balance reduces burnout and improves job satisfaction.
  • Wellness programs: Supporting employees' physical and mental health through wellness initiatives bolsters their happiness on and off the job.
  • Flexible schedules: Flexible work hours and remote work options accommodate diverse lifestyles.

Recap: Talent Needs in Property Management

Attracting top talent in property management requires a holistic approach that includes competitive compensation and a comprehensive benefits package. Property managers must adapt to the industry's evolving demands, making employee benefits, especially insurance, even more critical.

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As an independent insurance brokerage firm, we guide our Guests through a technology-driven, consulting-based experience that integrates corporate Risk, Health, and Benefits policies through one, centralized Advocacy Team.