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Scenarios that Call for Jewelry Insurance

February 13, 2017

Chances are, you or someone you know owns at least on piece of expensive jewelry. If that probability holds, read on... it gets interesting.

Owning jewelry is like having children, in the sense that they will both cause you joy... and at times, frustration too.
Can we prevent the frustration? No. Kids will always find a way to give their parents grief. That’s just how it goes.

Jewelry-related agony however, is a crisis that can be averted by investing in jewelry insurance. You know, “small investments pay big dividends.”

Let's consider real-life scenarios where jewelry insurance might make sense for you.


5 Scenarios That Call For Jewelry Insurance.

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Source: U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Vasoconstriction / What Causes Your Ring to Fall off During Winter.

    • You may have noticed that your fingers tend to get skinny in cold temperatures. Especially during winter, your ring may sometimes slide off a finger that once held it firmly in place. 
    • When you’re distracted, you might not even notice that your ring has slipped off your finger (this actually happened to my wife). Imagine going out, having a great time, only to come home and realize that your ring has fallen out? Yikes!

  2. Holiday Season Shopping.

    • Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day have come and gone. According to the Bureau of Labor, the holiday season accounts for 30% of jewelry sales.
    • It's only fitting that a Chubb Insurance report found that jewelry claims are 15% higher at the start of the New Year than any other time in the year. This accounts for lost, stolen and damaged jewelry.

  3.  You Own a Pet.

    • If you own a pet, you already know that they will sometimes try to eat the most questionable things. Dogs, cats and even birds have been known to snack on rings, earrings and necklaces. 
    • Stephanie Lamb's Labrador PUPPY ate her $23,000 engagement ring. The Huffington Post called it "a diamond in the rough… literally."

  4. Coverage Limits.

    • Many people assume that their jewelry will be covered by their homeowner's policy. This is sometimes true. However, there are coverage limits on how much of your jewelry is actually insured.
    • If your jewelry's total value is higher than your coverage limit, you need jewelry insurance!!


    You Love your Jewelry.

    • When you lose something of significant emotional value, a backup plan makes a world of a difference.
    • If your jewelry has sentimental value, losing/damaging it would devastate you. Don’t be devastated. Make a small investment. It will pay big dividends!




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