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Preventing Major Water Losses in Commercial Real Estate with IoT Technology

August 30, 2023

Commercial real estate property managers are responsible for ensuring that their buildings function at their best and contribute to conserving our planet's precious water resources. Uncontrolled water losses can have a significant financial impact and cause harm to the environment. As a leading commercial real estate insurance agency, Sahouri Insurance strongly emphasizes employing innovative technology solutions for more effective water management practices. 

This article explores how property managers can use technological tools to address water waste, reduce costs, and promote sustainability in the digital era — all excellent water management practices that help to keep commercial real estate insurance available and affordable.

Water losses in commercial real estate can result in extensive damage and significant financial implications for property owners. These losses can occur due to various types and causes of water intrusion, posing a significant risk to commercial properties. 

According to Facilities.net, based on claim data from 2014 to 2020, approximately 75% of all real estate industry property losses are due to accidental leakage related to plumbing, HVAC systems, and appliances. Fortunately, property managers and owners can utilize current and new technology to help prevent and mitigate such losses and boost operational efficiency.

What You Will Learn

  • Effective Water Management for Commercial Property Managers
  • Leveraging Best Practice Water Loss Technology
  • Groundbreaking Energy And Water Leak Detection Tool

Effective Water Management for Commercial Property Managers

Implementing tools like leak detectors, water monitoring software, and smart irrigation systems alongside strategic planning ensures sustainable resource use and cost savings.

Smart Water Meters 

Property managers can harness IoT-enabled smart water meters to monitor real-time water usage. These steps detect unusual water patterns such as leaks, conserve water, and reduce costs.

Water Damage Prevention Plan 

Every building should have a comprehensive water damage prevention plan in its operations manual. This plan ensures rapid response, detection, and recovery from water damage and receives regular reviews.

Automated Shut-Off Valves 

Automatic shut-off valves are essential to prevent extensive damage during water emergencies. They act swiftly during leaks, minimizing potential harm.

Automated Leak Detection

Property managers can immediately detect leaks near pipelines or equipment using IoT sensors, reducing waste and potential property damage.

Water Monitoring Software 

This tool helps track water consumption patterns, offering detailed insights like flow rate and leakage that guide managers in reducing unexpected water losses.

Data-Driven Water Management 

By analyzing water-use trends, managers can pinpoint necessary interventions, from fixture replacements to system adjustments, optimizing water usage and operational costs.

Strategies for Reducing Water Use 

Incorporating efficient plumbing fixtures and routinely inspecting pipes can drastically reduce water waste.

Remote Water Control Systems 

IoT-enabled systems provide property managers with remote control over water supplies during emergencies, ensuring swift responses.

Irrigation System Optimization 

Installing smart sprinkler systems that activate based on soil moisture levels can reduce water waste in landscaping.

Leveraging Best Practice Water Loss Technology

Due to Sahouri's extensive experience in commercial real estate, we've recognized the unparalleled advantages of utilizing technology to combat significant water losses in commercial properties. The capabilities of smart water meters and real-time monitoring do more than conserve water. They also predict and preempt damage by flagging potential problems with instant, automated alerts that enable swift water loss, cost reduction, and even life-saving interventions.

These water management advancements continue beyond detection. Through water-use analytics, we gain precise insights, which are pivotal in streamlining consumption. The results? Remarkable water savings and a sharp decrease in operational costs. 

Moreover, with the advent of remote water shut-off and control systems, property managers have an added layer of assurance. They no longer need to be on-site to manage water emergencies; they can do so from any location, underscoring their commitment to risk mitigation.

However, the fundamental transformation goes beyond the tangible benefits. By integrating these cutting-edge solutions, commercial real estate professionals send a strong message about their dedication to sustainability, environmental stewardship, and risk-averse operations. Such actions fortify these forward-thinking advancements that pave the way for the industry's prosperous, sustainable future.

Groundbreaking Energy And Water Leak Detection Tool

Given the potential of IoT technology, our collaboration with Attune, a dynamic real-time energy and water management technology company, isn't just a partnership; it's a mission to redefine and elevate industry standards. The combined expertise of Sahouri and Attune is poised to reshape commercial real estate using a greener, more conscious approach.

Thus, as leaders helping keep commercial real estate property management viable, we view technology as more than a practical tool because it is a catalyst for managing precious water resources, benefiting all. That’s why we champion conservation, minimize risks, and guide the commercial real estate sector toward a brighter, more sustainable future.

Embrace the future of commercial real estate with Sahouri and its partnership with Attune by your side. We seek to help our clients redefine standards, prioritize sustainability, and ensure prosperity. Contact us to learn how to join us in pioneering these impactful and necessary water loss management changes. We are here for you.

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