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5 Halloween Safety Tips For Your Neighborhood

October 29, 2017

We all enjoy the thrills and chills of Halloween, but the scariest threats in your neighborhood won't come from the little goblins and ghouls ringing your doorbell and holding their bags out for candy.

The insurance industry will attest to much scarier possibilities. Do you know when your community last discussed HOA Safety during Halloween?

What you will learn: 

Neighborhood Safety Tips on Halloween. 

Your community's safety is always a top priority for board members and homeowners alike, and Halloween is a good occasion for more precautions and less worries.

If you live in a neighborhood or serve on the board of your home or condo owner's association, consider these safety tricks, so everybody can enjoy their treats!

1. Encourage Safe Driving and Street Crossing.

Sadly, automobiles are considered the top threat to trick or treaters on Halloween night. According to the American College of Emergency Physicians, children are twice as likely to be hit by a car while on Halloween than any time of the year. 

Tip: Some associations contract security to monitor neighborhoods on Halloween. Some even hire their residents as foot patrols!

Look out for these red flags:

  • With so many distractions, kids often neglect crosswalks. 
  • Some children wear costumes that limit their visibility, making walking difficult and tripping easy
  • In the spirit of the evening, intoxicated drivers are always a risk to consider. 

2. Mitigate the Threat of Fire.

The National Fire Protection Association warns that lit decorations and decorative candles can cause house fires. Be sure to keep them far from sources of heat or fuel. 

Allen and Lauri dedicated a segment in their fall episode below to fire risks on Halloween:

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3. Host a Halloween Party in your Clubhouse

A great way to keep accidents at bay and the mood high is hosting a Halloween party at your neighborhood clubhouse or at a generous family's home. This will help reduce accidents that may happen with children wandering around at night.

While this idea might not be a hit from the start, with a little perspective, neighborhood parents will come around when they see that the suggestion is for the safety of everyone in the community.

Besides improving safety on Halloween night, neighborhood parties might offer families in the community a chance for everyone to get to know each other.

4. Make Sure Your Community Association is Covered

Number one rule to HOA safety is always planning for the worst case scenario. Communities do this by securing the right insurance coverage.

Community Associations can't control everything that residents do. What they can control is how they choose to manage the liabilities of the community. Consult with a local condo and HOA insurance team to compare your current coverage or to find out how proactive, preventative practices can help your community avoid accidents in the future. 

5. Get the Word Out!

Secret safety tips never saved no body! Share these tips with a family member, friend or neighbor to help spread the word about Halloween safety. 

Another way to encourage communication and safety knowledge sharing in your community would be to sign up for NextDoor, the largest social network for residential communities in the country. 

This social app is designed specifically for neighborhoods and allows you to post and communicate with your neighbors on matters that affect your everyday life, such as the safety of your family, friends and neighbors within the community.

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