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Insurance in 60 Seconds: What is Directors and Officers Insurance?

Posted by Elbert Cheong on Apr 27, 2017 2:15:49 PM

Directors and Officers Insurance

We all want to attract and retain quality staff for our companies. Regardless of talent and qualifications, we're all human. We are prone to making mistakes. Even the most seasoned business professionals, including board members and C-Level executives, are prone to human error.

So how does your company protect itself from exposures to its Directors and Officers?

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The Advantages of Bundling Home and Auto Insurance

Posted by Hussain Al-Mutawakil on Apr 20, 2017 9:58:21 AM

"Would you like a drink with that?"

Product bundling is a part of every day economics. We encounter more value for less deals in many of our daily transactions. As you already know, many of those deals aren't really worth the investment. 

There is one form of bundling however, that is almost always worth considering: bundling home and auto insurance. 

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Homeowners Tips: House Market Value vs Replacement Cost vs...

Posted by Alaina McWhorter on Apr 14, 2017 1:45:19 PM

Hey homeowners! If you recently bought a new home, congratulations! After months of research, you’re exhausted and can finally relax... yeah right!

This applies to existing homeowners too: Your tax assessment and insurance bill just came in and you’re being charged for values that don’t match the purchase price of your home. Let’s look at this a little closer because something doesn’t seem right. Right?

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