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Pool Safety Graphic

5 Pool Safety Tips You Need to Consider

Hanging out at the pool is beacons of fun during the warmer weather months. When combining water, electricity and excitement however, you get risk! Every pool owner and manager is responsible for maintaining safe environments for their guests. 

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Help Spring Your Car Into Action with These 7 Tips

7 Tips for Spring Car Maintenance

With the weather warming, the most dangerous days to drive are ahead of us. According to The Huffington Post, the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the most dangerous for teen and adult drivers. Performing a little spring car maintenance can help ensure your vehicle is safe to drive and minimize your risk of breaking down while traveling to a family event or while on vacation.

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8 Tips on How to Consistently ACE Restaurant Inspections

Violating food safety regulations will interrupt your business and damage your reputation. According to StateFoodSafety.com, the most common violations include storing cleaning products near areas that come into contact with food, improper sanitation procedures, improper temperatures for stored food and allowing sick employees to be in the kitchen.

We've prepared a list of tips from the pros on what standard operating procedures can help restaurants stay compliant with FDA regulations. More importantly, staying proactive will reduce your liability and help create a safe environment that both clients and staff can enjoy!

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Two creative millenial small business owners working on social media strategy brainstorming using adhesive notes in windows

Benefits and HR Compliance for Small, Medium and Large Companies

Companies may be subject to hefty fines and penalties under the Affordable Care Act if the insurance benefits provided for employees don't meet minimum requirements.

This is just one potential implication out of many that employers can face for failing to understand and comply with a wide range of regulations regarding benefits, from what kind of health coverage you should offer to how you pay out vacation time when an employee leaves the organization. This quick breakdown can help you understand benefits compliance implications for small, medium, and large companies. 

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happy young romantic couple at new modern  home interior renovation

5 Spring Maintenance Tips That Help Homeowners Reduce Claims

Have you started preparing your home for spring? Once the weather warms and the snow starts melting, it’s time to examine the interior and exterior of your home for maintenance issues. According to the Insurance Journal, weather damage causes over 50 percent of all homeowner insurance claims, with wind damage accounting for half of those claims. These spring preparation tips can go a long way to reducing your risk for weather-related homeowners insurance claims. 

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Condo and Homeowner Association Spring Maintenance Checklist

It's that time of year you love most! Time for spring preparations. Has your community association began its maintenance work? Proactive risk management following the winter season will help keep insurance claims at a minimum for home and condo owner associations. 

If you're the type of manager that loves saving money on insurance, then you're probably already a master of sound maintenance plans. But just in case, we provided a checklist of HOA and COA spring preparation tips below. 

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Businessman working on laptop in the office

Business Owners, When Should You Actually File a Claim?

Did you know that burglary and theft account for as much as 205 of all small business insurance claims? According to the Insurance Journal, the average loss from theft is only $8,000. By contrast, client slip and fall injuries and lawsuits cost upwards of $20,000.

As a small business owner, restaurant owner or government contractor, it is in your best interest to objectively weigh each potential claim before you file in order to avoid unnecessary insurance premium increases and the potential cancellation of your policy.

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Looking up at apartment buildings in Boston, Massachusetts.

Condos Can Employ Water Leak Detection Tech to Reduce Risks and Save Money

Why is Water Leak Detection Critical for Condominium Complexes?

Multi-family complexes usually suffer from a couple of problems that can make leaks an expensive nuisance. Since the entire building tends to have plumbing of the same age and type, problems often occur in batches. Multiple water leaks lead to many unhappy owners and tenants.

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