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How Protected is Your Home?

The majority of American homes are underinsured. Our advocates specialize in providing comprehensive and competitive coverages designed for luxury homes so you don't have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses at a time of loss

Luxury Home Insurance Coverages.

All houses are not created equal, and homeowners policies are no different. Choosing the right carrier to cover your property and its valuables goes a long way towards ensuring all is protected when it counts.


Guaranteed Replacement Cost

Guaranteed replacement of damaged property without factoring depreciation, even if costs exceed your policy limit.



Temporary Living Arrangements

If you need temporary housing, we place your family in a comfortable place and within the same school district.


Easy Bill Pay - Insurance made simple - SAHOURI

Cash Payment Option

You can receive cash up to your policy's limit to
rebuild your home or purchase a new property.



Collections and Antiques

Protecting your jewelry, expensive art and other valuables
and collections require customized protection. 



Personalized Cyber Security

We help you assess, prevent, and respond to cyber
security exposures that you are exposed to.



Flood Insurance

We provide up to $15 million in total
property coverage for your home.


Award-Winning Claims Management.

We rely on strong carrier relationships and instant response capabilities to ensure clear and fair claim outcomes to avoid out-of-pocket expenses and keep your life going as usual. 

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90 Day
Renewal Strategy


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24 Hour 
Customer Service 

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Claims Team


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Same Day Turn-Around on Certificates


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Award-Winning Concierge Service 


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Dedicated Billing Management 


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Private Risk
Insurance Experts


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Risk Analysis 


Protect Your Net-Worth with Excess Liability Coverage.

Also known as "Umbrella Coverage," an Excess Liability Policy will help protect
your income  and future earnings when an above-average loss exceeds your policy limit. 



Cheap Premium, Rich Coverage

For a few hundreds dollars per year, you can easily issue an excess liability policy with $1 million in coverage.



Avoid Out-of-Pocket Losses

Excess liability coverage will protect your savings account when you suffer a loss that exceeds your policy limit.



Non-Profit D&O Liability Coverage

Provides coverage when non-profits face lawsuits or wrongful act allegations from actions/inactions of a board member.



Personal Injury

Provides coverage against any lawsuits involving accusations of libel, slander, or negligent infliction of bodily injury.



Domestic Employment
Practice Liability Coverage

Provides coverage for employed staff such as drivers and housekeepers subject to wrongful employment allegations.



Excess Uninsured/Underinsured
Motorists Protection

Provides up to $1M in excess coverage when involved in a
car accident with uninsured or underinsured driver.



Property Damage

Provides coverage for damaged property including certain items that you rent such as personal watercraft.



Defense Costs

Provides coverage when you need to defend against a lawsuit, regardless of whether it is groundless, false or  fraudulent. 


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We specialize in helping successful homeowners and businesses succeed with rich coverage options, competitive rates, and
award-winning service that makes every client proud.

Luxury Car Insurance.

While standard car insurance policies offer insufficient coverage for luxury vehicles, our A-rated carrier partners specialize in providing custom coverages specifically for high-end vehicles.

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Private Clients Insurance.

Helping successful individuals and families reduce costs and increase coverage by choosing the right carriers, avoiding out-of-pocket losses and shopping policies every year.

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Strong Carrier Relationships.

We represent the most prestigous, A-rated insurance carriers in the world so we can protect you and your assets against every type of risk.

Insurance Made Simple Blog.

Sharing every day scenarios, trends and best practices in plain english for homeowners and professionals. Learn more with insurance made simple!

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