Maritime Insurance.

Maritime Insurance is vital to doing business on the water. Our maritime insurance solutions are customized to meet your specific budget and needs. It takes a whole life to build a business, but it only takes one disaster to destroy it. We provide the necessary coverage as well as other supplemental policies to properly insure your vessels and maritime business.

Risk management on the water.

  • Hull and Machinery Insurance
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Maritime Employer’s Liability Insurance
  • Property and Casualty Insurance
  • Pollution Liability Insurance
  • Maritime Security Insurance
  • Marine Builder’s and Construction Risk
  • Marine General Liability


My goal is to protect everything you have spent your whole life building on the water, so that when things go wrong, we can help make them right.”

Allen Hudson, Maritime Insurance Leader


3 Reasons to get Maritime Insurance.


Hull, machinery, and engine protection.

Maritime vessels and equipment inevitably suffer damage from everyday use, collisions, and natural causes. With comprehensive Maritime Insurance, your vessel will have full coverage in these situations.


Reduce risk in all operations.

Our Maritime Insurance experts will assess your business needs to reduce risks and exposures in your operations. We provide liability insurance for risks such as injury or death on board, oil spills, accidents and collisions, and any other possible situations that your vessel may encounter on the water.


Smooth sailing for your business.

Our team will work with you to find a plan that meets the needs of your business. We will provide you with confidence knowing that you are prepared so that your business can succeed on and off the water.


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