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Global Risk Management.

Licensed worldwide to reduce risk wherever you do business. Utilizing data insights and smart technology to make informed decisions that impact bottom lines.

Global Risk Management.

We have the global resources to provide smart and cost efficient Risk Management solutions wherever you do business.

Whether you do business in the U.S. or throughout the globe, our Risk Management team will design, develop, and implement solutions to proactively reduce risks and minimize claims. We are successful because we take our time to understand your company’s current risk and future risk to custom design a Risk Management Strategy to reduce, eliminate, and shift risks to help you succeed.




Proactively minimizing your losses.

Our team reviews your business, your risk history, and your growth strategy to help you minimize losses and risks as you grow. Your success is our success– we are dedicated to reducing the frequency and severity of your losses so that you can increase your profitability and stay competitive.


Step 1.


Identify risks and factors of claim costs.

Step 2.


Implement solutions to reduce your claim costs and minimize risks.

Step 3.


Measure the results and adjust plan to have the greatest impact on your business.

Step 4.


Proactively review data a to reduce claims cost and minimize risks as your company grows.

We proactively strengthen your business with sound advice on all things insurance, risk management, and employee benefits.”

Allen Hudson, Vice President of Commercial Insurance

Smart Analytics.

We gather and analyze data to build cost-efficient and smart risk control strategies. Through data analytics we can discover what your greatest risks are, how they may impact your business, and what ways you can avoid and reduce risks.




3 Reasons why you’ll love working with SAHOURI.


45 Years of Experience.

We’ve been working with international organizations since 1970. We have built strong relationships with the global marketplace, which allows us to create cost-effective and competitive insurance solutions for our clients by leveraging our relationships.


Dedicated in-house Account Management.

Every client is assigned a dedicated in-house Account Executive who is experienced in dealing with international clients. Our friendly U.S. based team is happy to assist you with all your needs and answer your questions with easy to understand answers.


Custom Risk Management Solutions.

Your specific risks and needs are unique to your business and industry, so we work with you to analyze your exposures and needs to create custom risk management solutions that meet your needs.

One Agency. Every Solution.

There are many reasons why insurance rates are rising.  Our approach offers many solutions to that problem. Let's find out if we're the right fit for you. Talk to one of our experts today!

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Award Winning Culture.

We are honored to have earned the respect of our clients, the media and the insurance industry for service, production and culture.

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