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Executive Benefits.

Our A-rated carrier network provides us with rich plan options that help you attract, reward and retain top talent with compensation plans they will be proud of.

Executive Benefits.

We design custom Executive Benefits solutions to give your company an advantage in recruiting, protecting and retaining its leadership.

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The best way to protect your company’s future is to invest in your leadership and protect their future.”

Michael Sahouri, Vice President of Operations

Business Continuation Insurance.

Insuring your key executives against premature death and disability should be at the forefront of your business plan . Our consultants provide your company the resources and expertise to ensure your business will continue and overcome the worst case scenario if you lose vital leadership.

Succession and Perpetuation Planning.

Perpetuation plans protect your business during a change of ownership , sudden death of leadership, or a tragic downturn in the market.

Buy-Sell Agreements.

A Buy-Sell Agreement ensures a smooth transition between business owners at time of separation or premature death. This agreement acts as a sort of “premarital agreement”, setting the price and terms for a buyout, to protect everyone’s interests.

Key Person Insurance.

Key Person insurance is life insurance on the founder or key leadership of a business. In the event that a key person unexpectedly dies, the company receives funds to help find a replacement and keep the business running during this tragic time.

Business Overhead Insurance.

This insurance will help pay business overhead expenses in the event that the owner becomes disabled and the business cannot function effectively. This insurance provides monthly funds to help pay business operating expenses until the owner recovers or sells their business.

Executive Long-Term care.

Executive Long term care Benefits

We analyze the benefit levels of your executives to design smart solutions that can support their lifestyles in retirement and protect their retirement assets from being depleted due to long-term medical costs.

Long-Term Disability Insurance.

This coverage is designed to replace a percentage of an executives base compensation to provide long term disability support.

Executive Long-Term Care Insurance.

This insurance provides benefits for aging executives who will require assistance with daily activities.

Corporate Retirement Planning.

SAHOURI’s experience as a global leader gives us the capabilities to handle any group size. We are proud to help you provide stability to your employees with smart retirement planning. As a leading advocate for a more secure retirement for employees, we are focused on solutions that help improve the retirement outcome for your executives and employees.

Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans.

A SERP plan is designed to strengthen a qualified retirement plan and provide future benefits to an executive in event of retirement, death, or disability.

401(K) Planning.

401(K) plans are company funded retirement savings plans for employees.

Deferred Compensation Plans.

Deferred compensation plans allow executives to defer compensation to a retirement plan in order to withhold paying taxes until the compensation is received.

Executive Bonus plans.

Executive Bonus Plans assist executives in saving for their personal retirement goals. With this plan, the company pays the premium on a employee-owned life insurance policy, while treating the premiums as a tax-deductible compensation bonus to the executive.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans.

These tax-advantageous plans are designed to facilitate the ownership of a company by the employees through stock options.

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans.

These plans are built to mirror a 401(k) plan and provide executives additions opportunities to defer pre-tax compensation into a retirement plan.

Estate Planning and Wealth Preservation.

Estate planning helps increase, preserve, and transfer personal wealth. This process safeguards an executive’s accumulated wealth during their lifetime and beyond. We work with executives to safeguard their assets and protect their beneficiaries from issues such as creditors, funeral costs, bankruptcy, divorce, and the Estate Tax itself.

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I have worked with many insurance companies over the past 35 years, but the service I receive from SAHOURI is exceptional and without peer.”

Jeff Franzen, Executive Vice President at Lincoln Property Company

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