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Embassy Insurance.

Our exclusive diplomatic missions program has been serving Embassies, U.N. Missions and Consulates since 1970. 

Embassy Insurance.

We have been proudly serving the diplomatic community with property, auto and group health insurance since 1970. Our exclusive program provides award-winning service and cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of every foreign government.




Claims Management

Every claim and policy update is handled by a dedicated service team. Our advisers rely on insurance expertise and strong carrier relationships to provide effective accident response, help negotiate favorable claim outcomes and make insurance simple.


Automobile Coverage

A Diplomatic Mission’s automobile fleet requires comprehensive coverage that protects your drivers, cars and passengers no matter the circumstance. Our diplomatic auto insurance experts will also help you meet U.S. State Dept. requirements.


Property Coverage

Embassies, Consulates and U.N. Missions require custom coverage to protect against third party liability and property damage. Our real estate experts offer cost-effective coverage for main chanceries, attaché offices, even diplomatic residences.


Global Healthcare

Managing group health plans for diplomatic missions and sponsored student groups is extremely complex and requires ongoing plan member consultation. By educating members, we help them utilize the full capacity of their health coverage.

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Diplomatic Missions need advisers who understand their needs and cater to their preferences. Trusted the program that has been providing favorable solutions for over 50 years.

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Embassy Insurance Coverages.

In addition to Property, Auto and Health Insurance, we also provide diplomatic missions with ancillary coverages. We believe that risk profiles are not created equally, so we help you stay protected against additional exposures that are unique to your Mission.


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Workers Compensation.

This coverage helps pay for medical care and physical rehabilitation of injured workers. It also helps replace lost wages while employees are unable to work.

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Umbrella Coverage.

Umbrella coverage kicks in to protect your assets when your underlying insurance coverages, such as auto and general liability limits, are exhausted.

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Group Medical & Dental.

Our exclusive health and dental programs help retain your local staff and diplomats. These programs allow your staff to get quality care at discounted rates.

Special Event Insurance Icon
Special Event Coverage.

We have policies that protect your embassy when you host events off the embassy premises. If you have your country’s National Day at a hotel, call us.

International Health Insurance Icon
International Patient Program.

The International Patient Program was made to reduce costs and burden for foreign governments that sponsor patients seeking treatment in the U.S.

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Cargo Shipping.

We have exclusive cargo shipping programs that properly protect your diplomats’ personal belongings at a lower cost than your freight carrier.

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Travel Medical.

Let us protect you in case of a medical emergency during your travels. We include coverage for short term trips within the United States and abroad.

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Life Insurance.

Group Life Insurance helps protect the loved ones of diplomats and staff by providing financial security in case of their premature death.

We recommend SAHOURI to any Mission looking for Auto, Property or Health insurance.”

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The Embassy of Argentina to the U.S.

SAHOURI created a health insurance and dental plan for our mission that drastically cut our expenses while still providing the coverage we need.”

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Permanent Mission of Monaco to the United Nations

For over 15 years, we've enjoyed impeccable cooperation with Sahouri's dedicated staff. No company can replace their remarkable service. I strongly recommend SAHOURI to all Diplomatic Missions and my friends.”


Permanent Mission of Belarus to the United Nations


Meet the Founder.

Our Founder established the first and only exclusive Embassy Insurance program in the United States. 


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