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Disaster Recovery Planning.

Our certified risk managers utilize state of the art technology to design prevention and recovery planning systems that protect you before and after the storm.

Disaster Recovery Planning.

When a natural hurricane forms or an earthquake strikes, every business owner wants to know that they have coverage. Many however,  neglect more common, small scale disasters like local floods, electrical blackouts or downed power lines. We prepare your properties for every situation you are exposed to.  Are you prepared before and after a disaster? 

Disaster Recovery Planning process:

Disaster Recovery Planning is a living document that is updated and developed continuously year to year. There are four major phases to the planning process.

1. Risk Impact Analysis.

Risk Impact Analysis will help us identify the critical business functions that must continue for the business to survive after an immediate disaster.

2. Strategic Planning.

Strategic Planning helps us find recovery alternatives for vital business functions. Then we create a comparison of the costs and benefits of each plan of action so that you can make an informed decision regarding your response to a disaster.

3. Business Continuation Planning.

Business continuation planning provides a plan of action for employee teams to accomplish vital objectives immediately after a disaster.

4. Testing and Training.

Testing and training are vital to educate employees with their roles for the plan and to discover issues that may arise after implementation.

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