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International Business Auto Insurance.

Our global commercial risk experts service government and corporate fleets with claims management, annual cost-containment, and 24-hour call support.

International Business Auto Insurance.

Whether you have two vehicles or a fleet of 200 trucks, our International Business Auto Insurance policies are custom designed to meet the needs of global businesses and to insure your vehicles in transit and parked abroad. We work with clients all over the world in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and they rely on us to help them avoid, reduce, and transfer risks.

Coverages and Insurance Solutions.


  • Physical Damage Coverage
  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Terrorism Coverage
  • Passenger Accident Coverage
  • Bodily Injury Coverage
  • Liability Coverage
  • Gap Coverage
  • Transit Coverage
  • Excess Liability Coverage
  • Collision & Theft Coverage
  • Occupational Accident
  • Workers Compensation
  • Towing Coverage
  • Property Damage Coverage
  • Rental Vehicle Coverage

Commercial Driver and Vehicle Safety.

Avoiding and reducing accidents is the goal of every business owner who owns and operates vehicles. We develop and implement policies, practices, and training to reduce accidents, promote proper maintenance of your vehicles, and increase safety among your drivers.

2 Reasons why you need International Auto Insurance.


Proper coverage.

Most insurance in foreign countries do not provide adequate U.S. style coverage and limits. For example, Third Party Liability policies purchased through host nations often exclude the necessary coverages needed for expats abroad. We help install maximum limits of liability because local currency coverages tends to be insufficient when settling a claim.


Ensure smooth business operations.

The amount of uncertainties are unknown. Auto and trucks face a variety of risk ranging from political, vandalism, and ordinary theft. In the event of a loss, being properly covered will ensure the smooth continuation of your business.

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