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Information Technology Insurance.

We help I.T. companies prevent risk from non-traditional exposures with proper planning and a deep understanding of a constantly evolving cyberspace.

Information Technology Insurance.

Technology is always changing, and so are we. We create custom insurance policies that adapt to your exposures and budget. Our tech insurance team has deep underwriting expertise in emerging, unusual, and complex technology risk. We specialized in helping companies involved with technology, product development, hardware manufacturing, and other IT services.

Cyber Liability Insurance
Cyber Liability Insurance.

Cyber Liability Insurance protects your business from financial losses due to data breaches ( hackers, malware, user error, cyber extortion ) and theft or loss of confidential records.

Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance
Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance.

Technology Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance protects you from a financial losses related to errors, omissions, or negligent acts.

Communication and Media Liability Insurance
Communication and Media Liability Insurance.

Communication and Media Liability Insurance protects you against libel or false-claims made through media such as Twitter, blogs, and Facebook.

Network-Security Insurance
Network-Security Insurance.

Network-Security Insurance covers the costs of your website or network being shutdown for an extended period of time.

International Liability Insurance
International Liability Insurance.

International Liability Insurance for technology companies helps protect you from liability related lawsuits when you do business outside the U.S.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
Directors and Officers Liability Insurance.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance covers legal fees, settlements, and can extend to protect the your company if it is named in a lawsuit.

Employers Liability Insurance
Employers Liability Insurance.

Employers Liability Insurance for Technology companies protects you from lawsuits brought on you by your employees or third parties.

Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits.

Employee Benefits solutions provide you with the health insurance and benefits you need to retain top talent.

Auto Insurance
Auto Insurance.

Business Auto Insurance policies are customized to meet the needs of your Tech business and to insure your vehicles in transit and parked.

Property and Casualty Insurance
Property and Casualty Insurance.

Property and Casualty Insurance protects your business from losses relating to property damage or liability lawsuits due to injury or damage to the property of others.

3 Reasons why you need Information Technology Insurance.


People make mistakes.

It’s just a matter of time before an employee makes a mistake in code that leads to a data breach or causes a system crash. You can hire the best, but nobody is perfect.


Cybercrime has increased 200%.

Since 2010 Cyber Crime has increased over 200% in the United States, largely due to the increase usage of mobile computers and cloud applications. If your company relies on a web technology or website to drive revenue, then it is extremely important to have security measures and insurance in place to protect your business. You will get attacked, so be ready before it happens.


Small to Medium size businesses are at more risk.

Startups and small to medium sized businesses are less likely to have a dedicated IT security team on staff to protectively protect against cyber-attacks, so they are seen as prime targets by cyber criminals.

It’s important that everybody understands that if you have a computer connected to the web—that your computer is at some point going to be under attack.You need to be aware of the threat and take it seriously.”

Richard McFeely, executive assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal Cyber Division

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