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HR Technology.

Our technology partners provide HR managers and benefits administrators with smart tools that streamline compliance and payroll functions to make life easy.

HR Technology.

We have comprehensive Benefits management and enrollment solutions that can streamline your workflow. Our online solutions not only save you time and improve efficiency, but they also increase data accuracy and help manage your compliance.


  • Benefits Enrollment
  • Billing Administration
  • Benefits Administration
  • Compliance Analytics
  • Payroll Administration
  • Time Tracking

Benefits made simple.

Benefits, payroll, on-boarding, compliance, and more.


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Our technology partners provide HR managers and benefits administrators with smart tools that streamline compliance and payroll functions to make life easy.

Benetract logo

The BeneTract technology streamlines the workflow for HR administrators with a fully digital interface for collecting, organizing, and submitting employee benefits information. This paperless software solution provides a user-friendly interface that guides employees to provide information and helps reduce intensive paperwork.

HR 360 logo

HR360 is an online HR library with resources, labor guides, and tools to educate and enhance your HR department. This comprehensive online resource provides over 500 forms, posters, Compliance guides, and much more.

ADP logo

ADP technology solutions help you manage payroll, lower costs through analytics, and track working hours. ADP software provides a user-friendly interface for employees to clock in as well as for HR managers to create detailed reports.

TASC logo

TASC provides Compliance technology that helps you avoid costly non-compliance fees and comply with local and National Regulations.

BeneSmart logo

Benesmart helps you manage benefits, enrollment, and employee communications with simple to use interfaces and robust HR administration features.

Infinisource logo

Infinisource provides Payroll, and Benefits Administration software that helps you streamline your workflow, cut costs, and increase productivity.



We support your HR team.

Technology can increase efficiency, but administration still requires experts. We assign dedicated service team to act as an extension of your HR department and help you with all your benefits needs and questions.


  • Support enrollment onsite at your locations
  • Fully manage claims
  • Support compliance with State and Federal Laws
  • Ensure employees have access to their benefits
  • Analyze performance for renewal strategy
  • Find exposures and help reduce claims

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