Employee Benefits made simple.

Whether you do business in the U.S. or globally, we build custom Employee Benefit solutions to provide you with the savings you want and the benefits you need to retain top talent.


From large businesses that need Self-Insured Plans to mid-size companies that need Fully-Insured Plans, we have the talent and resources to meet your needs.

Designed for your industry.

Each industry requires a special approach to create benefits that complement your growth strategy and employees’ needs. Our team is experienced in many markets and we bring that knowledge to you to provide smarter insurance solutions for your business.

Employee Benefits Markets


The savings were substantial.”

The Embassy of Monaco

5 reasons why SAHOURI rocks at Employee Benefits.


Employee Benefits built for your business.

Your needs are unique to your business and industry, so we work with you to develop a Employee Benefits strategy that suits your needs and budget.


45 Years of Experience.

We’ve been helping companies in the U.S. and abroad received better Employee Benefits for over 45 years. And we have strong relationships with the global insurance marketplace, which allows us to create cost-effective and competitive Employee Benefits solutions.


Dedicated in-house Account Management.

Each client is assigned a dedicated service team, so when you call SAHOURI you are talking to experts who know your business and understand your needs.


120 day Renewal and Marketing Strategy.

Your needs change over time, so we annually market your Employee Benefits to carriers 120 days before your renewal to evaluate if your current benefits program is cost-effective and appropriate for your employees and business.


Claims and Billing Management.

Our team is dedicated to providing a level of service that is unmatched in the Employee Benefits Industry. When your employees file a claim, we assist them every step of the way to ensure their claims are handled quickly and fairly.