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Designed for your industry.

Each industry requires a special approach to create benefits that complement your growth strategy and employees’ needs. Our team is experienced in many markets and we bring that knowledge to you to provide smarter insurance solutions for your business. 



Benefits administrators have to constantly monitor new laws and regulations to stay compliant. Instead, our personalized compliance dashboards help you manage financial exposures and stay compliant year-round. As a true extension of your HR department, we provide you access to a team of expert advisers who address your concerns, answer your questions and provide pro-active consultation.

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Wellness & Education

In collaboration with our insurance carriers, we offer Wellness Programs to encourage healthy lifestyles among employees. The programs include onsite annual bio-screening, flu-shots, weight loss programs and more. Clients also enjoy financial incentives for healthy living through gym membership discounts and complementary health monitoring devices.

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We leverage technology to make insurance simple. Our partnerships with the top rated and pre-approved technology vendors allow us to provide the best HR and payroll service platforms for our clients. This paperless approach also enables employees to easily access and manage their own benefits by using mobile apps.

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Industry Comparison

We analyze industry data to compare your current benefits package to what your competitors offer. This advantage helps you attract and retain top talent. Our monthly claims evaluations also help your company limit any unexpected and high claims.

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SAHOURI Global Benefits

Global Benefits

Our long-standing partnerships with A-rated insurance carriers allow us to design and deliver the only exclusive embassy insurance program in the country, which also includes an exclusive 401(k) plan for diplomats.

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Annual Reviews

Risk profile change over time, so we offer annual reviews. We evaluate if your current coverage is costeffective and appropriate to protect your lifestyle as it changes from year to year.



Do you know how your benefits package compares against your competition? SAHOURI can provide a detailed report on benchmarks and trends. These reports will show you how you compare against other companies that are similar to your size and industry on the local, national, and regional level.

Providing an employee benefits package can be a high expense and having these benchmarking reports are very important for an organization to have, so they can make an educated decision based on how similar organizations are structuring their benefits.

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Prevention and being proactive is key when it comes to compliance. With laws changing on a regular basis and the high dollar fines associated with not being compliant, businesses cannot afford to not act.

Google cannot be your main source of HR information. Many laws and regulations also intersect and it is not always so simple to be presented with a question or situation and know what laws may or may not apply.

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Human Resources.

Our expertise combined with Sahouri’s partners are here to provide you with the information, tools and live help support that you need.

SAHOURI can be your HR team’s go-to for all research and can provide quick answers to day to day questions so that your team can get back to high priority work.

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Executive Benefits.

Every great company knows its employees are its greatest asset and among those, its top executives are among its most valuable.  So how do you make sure that those valuable employees feel valued and ensure they remain motivated to continue making your company the best it can be?  Beyond purely monetary compensation, an executive benefits program that provides benefits above and beyond standard group coverage is one of the best ways to help recruit and retain the top talent necessary to fuel your company’s growth and profitability.

Sahouri’s executive benefits experts are among the best in the business.  Whether it’s helping your executives better protect and preserve their income with supplemental disability policies and custom life insurance or helping protect your firm from the unexpected with key life and overhead insurance, we will find the right solution to meet your company’s individual needs.

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As a company, you want to make sure every employee stays healthy! SAHOURI can help create your company’s wellness program or maintain your existing one. SAHOURI will coordinate:

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Benefits Education & Enrollment.

Employees often do not understand their benefits. We provide detailed benefits summaries that educate your employees on their specific benefits and how to best utilize their plan.

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Since 1970, we have been dedicated to helping our clients succeed with cost-effective insurance solutions. As an independent agency, we provide all lines of coverage to serve all of your personal and business needs with our award-winning customer service and claims management teams.

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