Emergency Evacuation Insurance.

International organizations often face dangerous risks abroad, which can lead to the forced evacuation of employees. Our Emergency Evacuation Insurance helps you deal with emergency evacuations and the cost associated with such drastic events.

Coverage Information.

  • Medical Emergency Expenses
  • Expenses to return to home country
  • Political Evacuation
  • Stolen Passport / Visa assistance
  • Emergency Evacuation to nearest medical facility
  • Repatriation: Return of body back to home country
  • Terrorism Coverage
  • Emergency Travel Assistance

2 reasons for Emergency Evacuation Insurance.


Your medical plan lacks coverage.

Most medical plans do not cover international emergency Evacuation to the nearest medical facility. Helicopter and jet transportation can be expensive, especially when every second counts.


Language and Currency Barriers.

How will you deal with communication and currency problems? The clock is ticking and you needed to be evacuated 10 minutes ago. Our international Evacuation Team is ready 24/7 to communicate in your language and to arrange evacuation for you in your host country.