Defense Base Act Insurance (DBA).

Defense Base Act Insurance is mandatory for civilians working for the U.S. government outside the U.S. or Canada. It is designed to protect civilian employees working outside the United States on US military bases or under a contract with the U.S. government for public works or for national defense. Foreign nationals working for the U.S. government can also benefit from this program because they are required to have DBA coverage.

The Defense Base Act provides.

  • Medical Treatment
  • Loss of wages reimbursement
  • Disability Compensation
  • Death Benefits

Who is required to have Defense Base Act insurance ?


Employees working on a military base or reservation outside the United States.

This includes those working for private employers on US bases and on territory used by the U.S. for military purposes outside the U.S.


Employees working on U.S. government funded public works business outside the U.S.

This includes construction and service contracts in connection with national defense and with war activities outside the United States.


Employees working on public works or military contracts with a foreign government that is vital to U.S. National Security.



Employees that provide services funded by the U.S. government outside the regular military channels.



Employees of any sub-contractors of the prime-contractor.


DBA is required not just for U.S. citizens, but also Third Country Nationals and local national employees working on U.S. Government funded contracts.

DBA Compliance.


U.S. based businesses that are awarded federal government contracts are required to have Defense Base Act Insurance for their employees, a special type of workers’ Compensation Insurance. DBA insurance provides workers compensation benefits to civilian employees working overseas on Government funded contracts.

Failure to obtain DBA insurance can lead to costly fines, loss of contracts, and expensive legal fees. We help you avoid all that.”

Allen Hudson, Vice President of Commercial Insurance