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Avoid claims and mitigate financial losses with expert insights into risk, coverage, and containment strategies.

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Health & Risk Insights

We believe in avoiding claims and financial losses before they happen, starting with understanding liability exposures and risk mitigation.

New Employment Policies in 2023 Failing to update employee handbooks regularly can make employers vulnerable to legal risks and liabilities, resulting in costly fines, penalties and attorneys’ fees. View Details
Considerations When Doing Business Overseas Expanding globally requires addressing international compliance and regulatory issues, localizing product packaging to reflect different languages, and navigating a new competitive landscape and cultural differences. View Details
2023 Annual Reports: Corporate Health & Risk

Corporate and Personal insurance policyholders are facing another year of price increases due to sustained inflation, material shortage, natural disasters, public health issues, and more.

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Corporate Health & Risk Business Insights From corporate benchmarks to financial analysis, learn more about how your business can make more informed decisions, faster.   View Details
Commercial Property Risk Mitigation

In partnership with Hanover Insurance, we help clients avoid water damage claims by mitigating the risk of water damage with HSB Connected Technologies' early warning system.

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Defense Base Act (DBA) Overview As an employer, it is your responsibility to procure insurance coverage or to self-insure injuries sustained by workers covered in the Defense Base Act (DBA). View Details
Global Health Coverage for OCONUS Contractors

OCONUS employment has the potential to present an assortment of complex challenges for workers. It’s essential to equip them with resources that support not only their physical wellness but their mental health and well-being.

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Affirmative Action for Government Contractors Refers to public and private initiatives to improve development opportunities for women, minorities and other protected classes for equal opportunities for employment. View Details
Tech Professional Liability: Errors and Omissions Coverage Businesses utilizing technology to produce and deliver products or services must recognize and take precautions against risks that commercial general liability (CGL) coverage doesn’t include. View Details
COBRA Compliance Checklist

Outlining key steps for administering Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) coverage, which can be complex and may involve additional steps depending on specific situations. 

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