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Specialists for All Types of Risk.

Our niche market specialists are highly designated insurance experts who understand the nature of your business and the unique risks, liabilities and coverages that you need to plan for.


SAHOURI understands how constrained the limits have become for the construction industry. We know that successful risk management translates to increased profits, lower operating costs, and better utilization of working capital. As advisors, we combine construction industry expertise with groundbreaking analytics to help you achieve optimum results.

SAHOURI’s team of professionals have the knowledge and experience in aviation insurance to guide you through an individualized risk management plan. We collaborate with pilots and various experts in the aviation industry to understand your challenges and create individualized,  effective solutions. 

SAHOURI recognizes that different country clubs encounter different risks. Whether it’s a golf course or country club, we offer the skill and experience in securing a flexible risk management solution for you.

SAHOURI committed to ensuring your manufacturing business delivers the results you want. We also understand that an effective risk management plan is the optimum option for your manufacturing to meet and exceed expectations.

SAHOURI knows that faith-based and nonprofit organization require risk management solutions that are unique and strategic. Our team is proud to work with these organizations in addition to businesses that serve the faith-based community.

SAHOURI offers comprehensive insurance for your hotel or resort in addition to liability protection for your guests and employees. Our team understands the risks associated with the resort and hotel industry and will design a plan to address all potential risks

Nowadays, our team is well versed in the wide array of risks technology companies continuously face. SAHOURI understands that innovation does not come easy and are prepared to be your partner for whatever the future brings

As whole distributors, you face a variety of risks such as floods, fires, and devastating storms. Additionally, thieves can damage property and target inventory. SAHOURI’s team can work with you to establish an appropriate risk management plan.

We At SAHOURI, our team is prepared to assist you in navigating risk management within the complexities of the energy industry. Whether it be offshore oil exploration, laying local pipelines, or building wind turbines, we realize the importance in establishing and building a solid relationship with our clients and connect your goals to your risk management objectives.

SAHOURI’s team realizes the diverse nature of the foodservice industry. From casual dining, quick service, to upscale establishments, our team of experts take into consideration the financial risk, operational risks, and safety concerns and work with you to secure restaurant insurance for your business.

SAHOURI understands the constantly changing risks which government contractors encounter. Our team brings the resources and experience to manage complex risk management challenges while providing the effective leadership needed to solve a range of problems.

At SAHOURI, we understand that medical and health care professionals embody the epitome of precision and caution. Unfortunately, we also realize they are subject to complaints. Our team ensures that the policy begins immediately so healthcare and medical professionals can continue practicing while knowing they are covered.

Our team knows the risks associated with both the sports and entertainment industry. Both industries carry a wide array of segments and SAHOURI has the expertise to solve the risk   challenges they regularly face.

The SAHOURI team is proud be an experienced provider for international health care. We offer resources for you to enjoy flexibility, consistent customer care, and accessibility to a global network of hospitals, clinics and doctors.

 As client expectations escalate and society gets more litigious, malpractice allegations are more likely to occur. Our team is fully cognizant of these risks and works with you to create a tailor made plan so your firm is always prepared

Our team wants the students, faculty, materials and your institution at large to be protected. SAHOURI has the knowledge and expertise to ensure your educational institution has the coverage it needs.

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