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Matt Oves

Small Group Account Manager 

Let me help you save money, improve coverage, and give you the award winning service you've been looking for.

Email: moves@sahouri.com

Phone: 703.883.0500

Hometown: Southern California


Insurance made simple.

Meet Matt, your trusted SAHOURI. Insurance Advocate

There are two sides to the group benefits coin – employers need plans that provide high employee satisfaction at an affordable cost with a minimum of administrative burden and employees need plans that are clearly explained and someone to assist them in navigating the enrollment and claims processes.

With over a decade in the employee benefits world, I can provide a solution for nearly any employer need that comes up and walk your employees through nearly any problem they may come across. I understand how critical a company’s benefits package is to retaining valuable employees and keeping them happy as well as how difficult it is to navigate the complex insurance landscape that exists today. 

Let me and the rest of the Sahouri Benefits team take some of this burden off your hands and show you that insurance benefits can be made simple 👌🏽

Matt Oves

Account Manager



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Claims & Billing


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