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Fuad Sahouri Jr. 

Director of Personal & Corporate Risk

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Email: advocacy@sahouri.com

Phone: 703.883.0500

Hometown: Great Falls, VA


Fuad Sahouri Jr.


I joined the family insurance agency to focus on improving the agency’s Accounting and Finance department. Throughout the years, we were able to improve efficiency and streamline simple and complex accounting duties. I am also the leader of the Domestic Employee and Executive Benefits department. Our department works closely with top level executives and their Human Resource Departments to help effectively recruit, retain and reward employees.

In addition to Employee Benefits and HR, I assisted in the development of multiple programs within SAHOURI. including a government contractor insurance program (GOVCON) and a sports insurance program offering all-lines of insurance to athletes (SCORE). Both of these programs are exclusive to SAHOURI.

I received my Master’s degree from Georgetown University in Sports Indusry Management and my bachelor's in Business Administration. In my spare time, I enjoy watching sports and exploring the world with my family. Let it be known, I am  an avid DC sports fan. 

Fuad Sahouri Jr.

Director of Personal & Corporate  Risk



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